The Wedding Of Jayanthi Mandel

Is luck the thing you need most for getting published? My mother found the ms. of my novel, The Wedding of Jayanthi Mandel’  in my brother’s flat when she went to clean it for him. He said he was going to show it to a publisher but never got round to it. My mother, a novelist who wrote under the name of Ann Mary Fielding, read the book and that evening went to a party and boasted to the people there about ber daughter’s marvellous novel. At the party was the literary agent, Gina Pollinger. ‘Tell her to send me the ms.,’ Gina told my mother. ‘We are looking for novels about India at the moment.’  Oh, yes. That means that timing is terribly important too. Victor Gollancz published it!  The great Joanna Goldsworthy was my editor.

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