Today one of my students said she should leave my class because she wants to write the story of her life, and not fiction. But is there a difference? Once I tried to write my autobiography. The ms was very thin. ‘Write it as though it was one of your novels,’ my agent said. ‘But this is fact, not fiction,’ I told him. ‘There is probably more fiction in an autobiography than in any novel,’ he said. Right?

The picture is the cover I drew for my students first collection of stories. It’s available from on POD.

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2 Responses to Stories

  1. Interesting.
    In my so-called novel there is so much autobiography that there are chapters I can’t write for sheer sadness. But often I can write a nice little short story using a sad memory and giving it a happy ending. So it works both ways. I think the student you mention should not see things in such a black-and-white way.
    Yesterday I got your novel ‘The Teaplanter’s Daughter’ on my Kindle. I ‘ll look out for the autobiography in it!
    BarbaaraLorna Hdson

    • Ican’t bear to think of you silenced by sadness. Oh my goodness, don’t seek for autobiography! You’ll get quite the wrong impression. But thank you so much for buying it. I wonder if anyone else did.

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