Really, it’s all about luck. The Wedding of Jayanthi Mandel was shown all round the publishers by my wonderful agent, Gina Pollinger. Because it did not occur to me for an instant that the book might be rejected, I was already busy writing the next one, Cobwebwalking. Cobwebwalking had already been accepted by Victor Gollancz by the time I learnt that The Wedding of jayanthi Mandel had done the rounds and that no one was going to publish it. ‘What about sending it to Gollancz again,’ I said. But Gina told me that you can’t send a book to the same publisher twice. And then I remembered Gina telling me that someone in Gollancz had had an unhappy love affair with an Indian woman, so they had refused to even look at The Wedding of Jayanthi Mandel. Gina sent it to Gollancz and they accepted it! My first written was my second published, because of a bit of luck. Or an unhappy love affair.

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3 Responses to Luck

  1. Lovely story. Nothing like persistence!

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