Bad News For Spiders

When I was about ten I read a pony book called ‘Silver Snaffles.’ The girl in the story had to stand in the corner of the stable and say, ‘Silver Snaffles’ three times, and she would be transported into a magic land. I tried it a hundred times, standing in the corner of my pony’s stable, saying the words over and over, my pony, Mary, snorting and nudging me in the back, sure there was another bit of bread for her in my pocket. Eventually I gave up. sadly accepting that there was no such thing as magic. Then, years later, I learnt Transcendental Meditation and realised that magic existed after all but that I had been using the wrong words and asking for the wrong things. One day I hope I will walk on cobwebs and moonbeams like Morgan in ‘Cobwebwalking’. But not for a long time, probably.  Or at least not in the way I think.

Enlightenment is bad news for spiders.

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