Reading Group Disasters.

My daughter, Juthika, said her friends wanted me to come and talk about ‘The Teaplanter’s Daughter’ for their reading group. ‘Mum, read the book first because you wrote it so long ago you might have forgotten it,’ she said. ‘These people are great friends. They are very important to me.’ I assured her I would, but then thought, I wrote it. Of course I would remember it. And even if I didn’t, the things they asked me would remind me. They had chosen this book because of Juthika’s father being a teaplanter. ‘The events in the book are based on our life in the teaplanting district,’ I explained. I should be OK there I thought, for in fact I could hardly remember the story at all. ‘So all the things that happened are based on true events?’ one man asked. ‘Oh, yes,’ I assured him. I felt quite safe here. At least I  could remember my life as a tea planter’s wife. ‘And the bit about the father sexually abusing the daughter. Did that really happen?’ My God! I’m sure nothing like that happened in the book. By this time Jutika was frantically nudging me. ‘Mum, tell them that Dad didn’t….’ The horror of the situation. You can’t imagine.  I’ve looked in the book since and I still can’t find an abuse episode.

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2 Responses to Reading Group Disasters.

  1. Sara – surely this piece could be the basis for a short story? Perhaps exploring the idea of false memory/recovered memory – or maybe the man was a secret enemy? (another writer jealous of the heroine’s success?) Barbara Lorna Hudson

    • Barbara, my daughter still hasn’t forgiven me for not reading the book first Really and truly I can hardly remember a thing about the story. Is this normal for authors? I’m sure I
      would have remembered the book if someone else had written it.! How lovely of you to read this blog.

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