The Listening Project

Today at ten to one a conversation between me and my husband Ranjit is being aired on the Radio 4 Listening Project. Trevor Mostyn, my brother, recorded our conversation months ago and I had long since thought it had been rejected.

The episode has made me realise in an enormous way how wonderfully fabulously lucky I have been! Nearly every minute of my life with Ranjit has been joyous.

And, on top of that getting all these other beloved people – our three daughters, Bijoya, Sabita and Juthika. five grandchildren, Anna, Rory, Maia, Chandi, Sumi and son-in-law David. Anna put a message on Facebook. She said ‘My granma and grandad are going to be on Radio 4 … It’s the sweetest story about how they met. I’m a very proud granddaughter.’

So in about half an hour from now, Ranjit and I are going to listen to the programme and drink champagne. Real champagne. I bought a bottle half price from Sainsburys.

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5 Responses to The Listening Project

  1. Just listened to it on BBC i player and loved every moment of the story.

  2. Marlene says:

    Here I am, sitting in Gibraltar listening to your voices with the widest smile on my face :O)

    • Hi dearest Marlene, how amazing that you heard us! It was rather fun doing it, and Bloomsbury publishers, who have reissued six of my novels are using it for publicity. How are you and Greg? Having a wonderful time by the sound of it!

      • Marlene says:

        Isn’t it amazing Sara? This is all down to my whizz bang technologist husband working his magic with the laptop onboard! As I said, I sat hear listening to you and Ranjit batting to one another with the biggest smile on my face, it was so lovely to hear you! Congratulations on your reissues!
        Yes, we are both well thank you. Sailing is a very healthy lifestyle option I’ve decided. We haven’t had so much as a sniffle since leaving Cornwall this summer. We’ve travelled 1,347 nautical miles from Fowey to Gibraltar. The equivalent of 1,550 land miles or 2,495 kilometres by sea and only lost two shoes ( unfortunately not a pair) we’ve also lost some weight scuttling about the deck and rigging like a pair of powder monkeys :O) We watched the Hornblower DVD’s onboard – what fun – our very own special effects provided by our boat – rolling from gunwale to gunwale, creaking rope springs, wind ahowling courtesy of the Biscay. Greg and I imagining going broadside unsuspecting French yachts, lifting our imaginary gun flaps and giving them what for with imaginary cannon! Yes, we could be losing the plot – I very much hope so.

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