Miracles and Ganesh

Do you remember, a few years ago, a story going round the world that statues of Ganesh were drinking milk? I even saw a really convincing news item in which a marble statue sucked up a whole cup of milk.

A Hindu priest explained the phenomina.’He is saying ‘I am here.’

Ganesh is the remover of obstacles.

My daughter and her Sussex husband were with us for the weekend at the time of the Ganesh miracle. Pointing to a little teracotta statue of Ganesh that I had on the mantlepiece, Juthika said, ‘Do you think your statue would drink milk?’ Ha ha we laughed. But you know, just for a joke let’s try. We waited till my husband, Ranjit, was out. He’d put a stop to this ridiculous nonsense. We drew the curtains. What would the neighbours think if they saw us trying to give milk to a clay statue. We put some milk in a saucer and held it under Ganesh’s trunk. We stood there for ages, waiting, feeling extremely silly. ‘The miracle time must be over,’ said David at last as we poured the milk into the sink.  To this day the statue smells a bit cheesy and there’s a white stain under his chin.

Juthy and David’s eldest daughter is named after a fierce Indian Goddess. The July before last Chandi celebrated her birthday party in our house. The party glowed and popped with the luminous baloons I had brought.  A week later I saw a tiny light glowing in a dark corner. It was the led light of one of the popped balloons. I stuck it on the head of the teracotta Ganesh.

I know it’s not really a miracle. I know there is something very wonderful about led lights. But all the same, you can’t help wondering. If you go in our dining room in the dark you can still see the little blue glow of Ganesh’s light. It is still burning seventeen months later.

‘This is God saying ‘I am here,’ the Hindu priest had said.

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2 Responses to Miracles and Ganesh

  1. stephanie says:

    interesting..I believe mysterious things do happen, for many reasons!

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