Lady Arrabella Cunningham Smythe.

Snobbish, aloof and eighty years old, she wishes she were dead. Then she could join her late husband as they had planned so meticulously before he died. But a band of well meaning friends and relations are determined to thwart her wishes. When her beloved four year old granddaughter, Naomi, – who has magical powers – is kidnapped her will to live must return if she is to outwit a mass murderer – and learn how to use her mobile phone. Do you want to know more?
Lady Arrabella can’t even boil an egg but yesterday I invented a new recipe for cooking them. The two hens are laying two eggs a day, so it is vital I think up new ways of cooking them (the eggs not the hens). You need yoghurt. If you haven’t made my recipe (Dahi) just buy some. Mustard oil, thoroughly heated then cooled is lovely for this dish, but if you don’t like it, or can’t get it, use double virgin olive oil, a teaspoonful per egg. Take one or two hadboiled eggs per person, and mash them up into a yoghurt, a couple of table spoons per egg. Add oil, choppedBP cover corriander leaves, fresh ground black pepper, salt and a little chopped green chilli. Eat it warm with rice, cold with salad, or as a filling for a sandwich.


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One Response to Lady Arrabella Cunningham Smythe.

  1. stephanie says:

    would love to know more and nice idea to put recipe!

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