Something Marvellous

Ranjit has read what I have written below and he says he translated it from Punjabi, not Sanscrit.

I can’t see it anywhere

To see it would be enchantment

Searching for it I wander everywhere

And then, Sadaarang – it comes, we meet!

Ranjit translated this from the Sanscrit yesterday. Unlike sanscrit there is no English word for that which has no gender, but yet is (somewhat and marvellously) human. ‘It’ does not seem right. Would ‘you’ be better? Or perhaps something more than words, whatever the language, is needed. Anyone got any ideas?


That will be the theme for the Oxfringe Sharkspark. The true storytelling even will take place on Friday June 7th, at 8 pm at the Turl Street Kitchen, entry £4.
There will be an open mike.
Come and tell a story, listen to other stories. You never know who you might meet, what you light hear.
There is a Sharkspark on the last Monday of every month, same place, same time, and £2 entry. Or even come and have a meal first!

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2 Responses to Something Marvellous

  1. Catherine Chester says:

    Sara, I love the ‘Something marvellous’. I think ‘it’ sounds fine, as it’s followed by ‘we meet’. ‘You come, we meet’ might be repetitive of the idea of you.
    I was thinking of trying the Sanskrit course at the oudce next term but haven’t enrolled yet. Looks great fun!

    • thankyou, Kitty. Ranjit also suggested having ‘you’ instead of ‘it’. Inaccurate but nearer to the meaning. Oh and I told you wrong. Its from the Punjabi, not Sanscrit. My husband is what I think is called Polyglottal.

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